Keep your Sea-Doo healthy for a long life.

Sea-Doo watercraft are engineered to give families a decade of fun on the water. To help ensure the on-water fun is maximized, some off-water care is required. BRP provides a full array of care and maintenance products to ensure your Sea-Doo looks its best and performs at peak levels.

Suggested Off-Season Products:
  • XPS FUEL STABILIZER: Protect against fuel contamination and residue build-up in the fuel system during extended storage.
  • XPS STORAGE OIL: Protect your internal engine parts from rust and corrosion due to condensation during prolonged periods of non-use.
  • YUASA SMART SHOT AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER: When your watercraft battery is removed from the unit, keep it connected to ensure maximum charge.
Suggested In-Season Products:
  • XPS LUBE - This multi-purpose lubricant and water dispersion product should be used to prevent rust, corrosion and moisture intrusion.
  • XPS PWC CLEANING AND DETAILING KIT - Keep your watercraft clean and protected to ensure your gelcoat, vinyl and other surfaces stay looking new.